Want to learn how to hack the Eva Top Sewing Pattern into a strappy tank top? Here you go! The Eva Top is one of my favourite designs, it’s a basic with a little bit of a twist. Unfortunately, it’s not the most weather appropriate for the nearly 40°C weather I’ve been experiencing so I had to make something with a little less couverage. This is a fairly simple hack and even though I made all the strap finishes using binding you can definitely just do both the front and back double layered and avoid half of the hassle. I personally like the look so I don’t mind that’s it is a bit more time consuming.

What you need:

  • Eva Top Sewing Pattern
  • Jersey/Rib knit fabric (I recommend something with at least 8% elastane)
  • Jersey/Ballpoint needle
  • Twin needle (Optional. You can use a zig zag stitch to sew the binding)
  • Scissors
  • Ruller

The first thing you’ll need to do is change the pattern to create the new strappy tank design. To hack the pattern, you only need to change the Front with or without darts and the Back pattern pieces.

The measurements bellow are simply a guide. You might need to do some adjustments depending on the couverage you want. For reference, I’m a size 38 on this pattern and I’ve adjusted the bust area by 2 cm to accomodate my cup which is bigger than the cup size this pattern was drafted for (you can find directions on how to change this in the pattern instructions if like me you have a bigger cup).

These should be the pattern pieces you have:

The pattern comes with an option for a front with or without darts, a binding detail at the underbust and seams that give it a bustier detail. Wether you choose view A or B you’ll have different pattern pieces. Keep in mind that whichever option you choose you’ll always need:

  • 1 Front (or 2 depending on wether you’d like to make it lined – I did.)
  • 1 Lower front (can either be 1 Middle Front view B or 1 Middle Front view A and 1 Side Front view A)
  • 1 Back

Binding pattern pieces

For the binding pattern pieces you’ll need:

  • 1 binding piece for the Front neckline
  • 1 binding piece for the Back neckline
  • 2 binding pieces for the armhole + adjustable strap

Onto sewing…

Wether you’re sewing view B or View A, you’ll follow the original instructions until step 4.

Sew the binding to the front and back neckline. Keep in mind that you should stretch the binding a bit while sewing so there should be some leftover fabric.

If this is your first time sewing binding in stretchy fabric I have this tutorial that might be helpful.

Once you’ve sewn the binding to the front and back necklines you’ll place front and back right sides facing and sew the side seams.

Now cut the excess binding fabric at each edge of the front and back necklines.

It’s time to sew the straps. I’ve made this top with adjustable straps but you can just as easily figure out the final measurement you’d like your straps to be and make them a fixed size.

You’ll pin the binding to the armhole leaving an excess fabric of around 3 cm at the back.

Sew the binding using your prefered method (twin needle, zig zag stitch, coverstitch).

Remember that excess binding you left at the back? You’ll now use it to attach the loop to create the adjustable strap.

Now feed the slider trough your strap, feed the edge of the strap through the loop and then feed it again through the back of the slider. Sew to secure both the edge of the strap and the loop.

If you’re following the instructions of the original Top pattern now it’s time to hem and it’ll be all done. I like to hem before joining the front and back together just because I find it easier to hem flat on my coverstitch but you do you! Aaaaand, it’s all done!

Hope you found this tutorial helpful and I’d love to see it if you make a strappy version of the Eva Top. Feel free to use the original tag #EvaTop and #madewithcoolstitches so that I can spot you!

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