A while ago I asked you if you’d like to have a place where you have all the tutorials you’d need to make the Swift Tank and so many of you showed interest! I’ve gotten some messages saying that you want to learn how to knit so here’s a compilation of resources that will help you get started on this journey. This is a list of videos that I constantly come back to when my brain decides to give up on me so I hope you find them as helpful as I do.

Here you’ll find a list of youtube tutorials that’ll guide you through every step:

  • First thing you need to do is to CAST ON the stitches your pattern calls for. It’s the foundation of every knitting project since it’s where you’re going to create your first stitches.
  • You can either knit flat or in the round. The Swift Tank is knit in the round so you’ll need to JOIN IN THE ROUND. This will turn your knitting project into a closed loop.
  • Probably the most important part on knitting. learn how to KNIT and PURL. You can knit using different styles. The style on these two videos is the English style. I find it easier to learn if you’re a beginner but at some point you might feel like it’s slowing you down. Here’s a tutorial on the CONTINENTAL STYLE.
  • Once you finish the body part of the pattern it asks you to BIND OFF. This means that you’re creating a finished edge in your knitting project. This can be done in a different number of ways. The tutorial I’m sharing is the easiest one which I think is a great starting point if you’re a beginner. When you’re binding off 2×2 rib you can also use INVISIBLE BIND OFF METHODS.
  • To knit the straps you’ll PICK UP STITCHES. This is when you work new stitches starting from a finished edge. This technique can also be used to knit sleeves and collars.

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