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A little bit about the Elliot top:

🖤 deep v neckline;

🖤 short puffy sleeves;

🖤 two channels that go below your chest which gives it a gathered effect all around.

After purchasing, you will receive a link to download and print this digital pattern in  tiled A4 size.

The pattern is currently available in the sizes S, M and L. I’m aware of how not size inclusive it is but I’m still learning about grading for bigger sizes so please bare with me!

There’s a video tutorial available: https://youtu.be/L2ooNo3Abc4

This pattern is easily hackable by making the sleeves longer, or just adding length to the hem, creating a longer top or even a dress!

If you’re curious about the name, Elliot is my first cat (I say first because I won’t be stopping at one like the true cat lady I am) and I thought it would be a cute homage by giving his name to my first pattern 🥰

This is my first pattern and I’ve put it out for free but if you’d like to support me just name your price. Once you checkout the link to the pattern will be sent to your email so you can download, print it and get to sewing!

*for personal use only.

*this is a digital pattern so you won’t be receiving a physical copy of it.


  1. Hi Im Your Subscriber (verified owner)

    thank you! i love this so much!! i love you <3

  2. Darine Menacho (verified owner)

    Thank you!! It is perfect!!

  3. Maria Portela (verified owner)


  4. Charlotte Thompson (verified owner)


  5. Stephanie Arce (verified owner)

    I have almost completed this top and it is so beautiful! I love having the video tutorial to guide me during the process.

  6. Akiko Aoyagi (verified owner)

    I don’t know how to create the pattern !
    Which part goes with which one ?

  7. Akiko Aoyagi (verified owner)

    Sorry 😞 I understand by video !
    But it wasn’t clear for the beginner like me …

  8. Gweneth Branch-Rice (verified owner)

    IS seam allowance included?

    • Nicole

      Hey there! It is, it’s 1 cm 🤗

  9. Annika Müller (verified owner)

    Really beautiful! I love it. Thank you!

  10. Athena GKREMOULA (verified owner)

    Thank you, can’t wait to make it ☺️

  11. maria tuunanen (verified owner)

    Lovely! Little bit difficult the figure out how to create the pattern but otherwise good tutorial <3

  12. Anne-Louise GEFFROY (verified owner)

    Hello Nicole ! I saw the other day on your instagram that you were planning on making a version of this pattern fully lined. I was wondering if you would publish new instructions to explain how to do so? And if so, if it would be doable with the pattern we already have or if it’ll be a completely different pattern?
    Thanks, can’t wait to receive my cherry fabric to sew it **

  13. Estelle (verified owner)

    I really love the pattern! The top is so cute✨

  14. kira Nicholls (verified owner)

    I love this so much Thank you!!!!!

  15. vidhi singhal (verified owner)

    hey at what scale do we have to print ?

    • Nicole

      Hey there! Print at 100% scale so that the measurements aren’t altered while printing.

  16. Stela Bartosova (verified owner)

    love <3

  17. jane kay (verified owner)

    Very nice and simple pattern. I did the top in few hours. The sewing process was easy and also had very fun elements to it, like the channels for the ties and puffy sleeves. The only issue for me was figuring out which side of sleeve is back and front, as I did not notice any marking on the pattern.
    Overall very good pattern, highly recommend <3

  18. Diana Mykhalova (verified owner)

    How much fabric did you use for this product?

    • Nicole

      Hey there! 1 m of 1.4 m is enough for any of the sizes. Hope you have fun making your Elliot Top!

  19. Aisyaharyn (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for this pattern ^-^. I Love It!

  20. Stephanie Arce (verified owner)

    Such a lovely pattern! I am just really happy that there is a video tutorial since that made it very easy for a beginner like me to follow. The only downfall is that I feel like this isn’t as size inclusive as I wanted it to be. I didn’t have a lot of wiggle room even though I made the size large and that could of been my fault for not reading the description too well.

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